A Highlight of the Best Places to Shop in Hong Kong

A Highlight of the Best Places to Shop in Hong KongHong Kong has for many years offered a memorable and fascinating shopping experience for tourists and local shoppers. Here, there is a wide and exclusive range of products which include: clothing, electrical appliances, jewellery and watches. Shoppers also enjoy the rich culture, street foods, desserts and recreation facilities. This is a guide to help shoppers make the most of their stay in Hong Kong.

The main areas that are home to malls, street markets and specialist markets include:

· Central Hong Kong Island – home to boutiques and large malls.

· Causeway Bay- packed with affordable department stores, high-end malls and medium boutiques.

· Tsim Shat Sui, Kowloon – majors on high-end shops, restaurants and recreation.

· Mong Kok, Kowloon – home to food stalls as well as small shops that sell cultural products.

· Sham Shui Po, Kowloon- majors on electronic appliances and computer products.


The must-visit malls include:

· Landmark Mall – houses shops that sell prestigious brands. Restaurants here are high-end.

· Harbor City – this is the largest mall in Hong Kong. Shoppers can go around their activities while enjoying sightseeing, entertainment and delicacies.

· Times Square mall- majors on European, Japanese and American stores. It is arguably the busiest.

· Festival Walk mall caters for all fashion trends and accommodates budgets of all magnitude.

· Pacific place – houses both luxury and medium priced stores.

Street markets

For the best selection of local products and enjoyment of culture, they are the places to visit. They include:

· Ladies market – cosmetics, stationery, watches and sports shoes are the major goods to buy here.

· Temple Street night market – concentrates on CDs, hardware, clothes and trinkets.

· Stanley market – great deals on silk collections, Chinese artwork, curios and large-sized clothes.

Specialised Markets

These beautiful shopping points include:

· The Flower Market- wide variety of flowers.

· Gold Fish Market- for aquarium fish pets.

· The Jade Market- sells Jade label products.

· Apliu Street- majors on electronics and computers.

When to shop

The three main shopping periods that are characterised by amazing discounts around the year are:

· Winter sales- run from December to February. The best moments are Christmas and the New Year.

· Summer sales – run from July to September.

Spring Festival – offers a lot of promotions and discounts.

Tips for shoppers

· For quality, shop in malls with the ‘Excellence’ sign as they are certified by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

· Whenever tourist-shoppers experience problems with shop owners, they should call HKTB’s quality Tourism Services (280628230).

· The currency used is the Hong Kong dollar (HKD). Swap only from credible dealers.

· Shoppers should keep safe their receipts and transaction records.

· Hong Kong is chilly and windy with typhoons occurring between May and November.

Besides shopping, there are attractions and things to do that altogether make Hong Kong stand out from the other destinations around the world. Subways and buses offer very convenient and affordable transport all around. The shop attendants are well trained and their key priority is to ensure satisfaction of the shoppers.