Top 5 shopping spots in Hong Kong

Top 5 shopping spots in Hong KongAny idea where you can find the top shopping spots in Hong Kong? Well here’s a list of the 5 best and most exciting shopping spots and locations in Hong Kong.

The Argyle Centre

This shopping centre is a large mall found in Mong Kok. It is known for its extremely cheap bargains and should be a delight to anyone working with a tight budget. It is mufti-leveled with many individual store outlets on every floor with a variety of goods to offer from bags, accessories, clothes and shoes. No shopping experience is complete in Hong Kong without a visit the Argyle Centre.

Citygate Outlets

This Citygate brand is the largest shopping mall outlet found in Hong Kong. It is located on Lantau Island. Boasting of playing host to more than 90 world renowned brands the likes of Esprit, Armani and Nike to name just but a few, offering up to 70% discounts all through the year, it would be a grave mistake to miss shopping at one of these many outlets whenever in Hong Kong. Those moments you find yourself in the Lantau Island of Hong Kong please visit one of its shopping sites.

Times Square

This shopping mall is one of the largest in Hong Kong boasting to house more than 225 stores. These shops range from the low-priced to the higher end luxury designer store shopping boutiques. It is located in the area of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. Times Square is a shopper’s delight and no shopping experience is complete without it.

Langham Place

This shopping mall is located in what is considered to be, by the locals, a gritty area in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Despite this fact, this shopping mall is a must visit when in Hong Kong. It is home to the longest escalator found indoors in Hong Kong and has plenty of stores to choose from in its many floors.

Island Beverly Center

This shopping mall found next to SOGO in Hong Kong has four stories of Japanese and Korean fashion goods stores that cater to the more youthful Hong Kong market. It is a shopping paradise for teenagers in Hong Kong. Cheap clothes and accessories can be found in this shopping hot spot. It is worth a visit when wanting to shop in Hong Kong.

It is good to note, however, that most shops found in this shopping mall have very stringent ‘no-trying’ rules so it always helps to be a little certain of what you think you might want before heading down there.