Traveler’s Guide To Shopping in Hong Kong

Traveler's Guide To Shopping in Hong KongWith deep ties to the city’s identity, shopping is considered the most popular social activity in Hong Kong. This is particularly true for both travelers and residents.

This irrefutable fact stands following the vast and exclusive range of products you can find here, and the close-to-negligible restrictions placed on merchandise vending.

But perhaps more enticing is that most of these products are tax-free! Yes, with an exception of only specific imported good; the likes of alcohol, tobacco, petroleum and vehicles, most goods sold in this city bear neither import nor sales taxes at all! So for travelers with a frenzy for shopping, Hong Kong is a stop you’d want to make.

Despite the prices being rather reasonable year round in Hong Kong, the prices slash down even more dramatically during the two official sales seasons in the city; the first being between December and February and the other being between July and September.

Christmas week is considered the best time to buy in Hong Kong -particularly by locals-so expect crowded markets during this period.
Top in the list of items to get great deals on in Hong Kong are clothes, cosmetics and electrical appliances.

Custom tailoring is quite popular in this city. With a large array of designs to draw from, you can have great clothing made in a couple of days. For travelers with keen on fashion, fashion lives at IFC, Times Square and Tsim Sha Tsui shopping malls. To back the fashion influence the city has in the world, the city boasts of being the fifth largest exporter of jewelry in the word! So for a quench for clothing shopping, Hong Konk is a must stop for many travelers.

For electrical appliances, The Electronics Market, on Sai Yeung Choy Street in Mong Kok is specifically dedicated. The market is lined with shops and stalls selling cameras, phones, computers and much more. What’s more, the items in this rather vast market do not price tagged-so it gets down to you negotiating the best prices!!

One draw back though- you have to be careful to get the average cost of the items you target to purchase before actually purchasing it because some sellers tend to con travelers, especially on items made locally.

Among the most widely recommended shopping areas include Central, Hong Kong island. This is the city’s business center and as such has among the best and largest select shopping malls and fashion boutiques such as Prince Building Mall and IFC. Another great shopping stop is Sham Shui Po, Kowloon. The main items here are electronic gadgets and computer products.

Finally, for a taste of the traditional Hong Kong trading beauty, Mong Kok, Kowloon is a stop you will want to make. Food stalls and small shops connect an amazing network of item dedicated markets so much so that an impression of a ‘market web’ forms as you navigate through the rather interesting region!